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Welcome!  I am so glad that you stopped by my blog to check out some of the things that I love to do, read faith promoting stories on topics that I find are important today and to see if you can find something new and wonderful while you are here.   I created this blog several years ago in hopes of sharing and talking about things that I love and from day one I have hoped that along the way others might be able to find something interesting in one or two of the various topics posted here. So please stay a while and see if there is something that interests you and please share if you feel like sharing!

Over the years I have blogged about several topics but here a few of my favorites:

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I was born in Washington, D.C. and I am the 4th child in a line of 10.  Yes, I come from a large family and although there were tough times, unhappy times, struggles and strife, there were times of joy, fun and craziness and I wouldn’t change one moment of my upbringing for anything.  If you want to get a glimpse of what it is like to have 9 siblings, check out my post  Five Reasons Our Large Family Was the Coolest On the Block!

I married my wonderful husband while in college and we had 4 kids that have been the focus of our lives up until 3 years ago when our first grandchild was born – then the focus shifted.  Our oldest son graduated with a degree in computer programming and in my eyes these days, that is more valuable than having a child who is a doctor or lawyer.  Our second son graduated with a degree in Business Management and has a great job managing a steel plant distribution center in the mid-west.  He is a rock and so steady in everything he does – AMAZING!  Both boys are married to wonderful women and their respective families are growing each year. Yay for me!

Our third child, our first daughter, was married four months ago to the love of her young life and she is as happy as she could possibly be which makes me joyful.  She graduated 2 years ago with a degree in graphic design and currently works for a small firm in the west where she is an Art Director and her husband is finishing school.  So proud of her – of them!  Our youngest daughter graduated from college last year after earning a degree in Business Management and is currently working in New York City and needless to say, is loving her life right now and I couldn’t be more pleased.  She is smart, strong and has such a drive to succeed that I have no doubt that she will be running something big some day.

Please stop by any time to see what is going on at Becky Has Been Blogging because I am doing everything I can to make sure that you will find positive thoughts and information on family, cooking, faith and new ideas to help you realize something new and wonderful in each day!