Get Out Of My Head!

December 9, 2016

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Migraines.  If you have ever had one, you pray every day that you never experience another one again.  Debilitating, painful and unwanted are three words that describe them perfectly for me as I have struggled with them for years.  One of the first things that crosses my mind when I start to feel one coming on is to think about what I am going to miss out on if I don’t get that bad boy under control and out of my head.


When I start to feel a migraine coming on, I only have a few minutes to get something into my system before it is beyond my control.  This past July when my 6th grand baby was literally on his way into this world and a migraine was fast approaching right alongside him, I reached for the only over the counter relief I knew of that would take care of it quickly.  Excedrin® Migraine kicked that migraine to the curb so that I didn’t miss out on one of the best days of my life!  My migraines can last for several days but I was not going to let that happen.


It started the way it usually does with white spots floating in front of my eyes, my temples and top of my head were throbbing and my stomach started to churn.  If you have ever traveled by plane across the country you know that it takes a whole day to get there and the thought of all day travel can induce a headache itself.  Anticipating the full blown discomfort that a migraine brings while traveling on a plane made me want to climb into bed and pull the covers over my head, but I knew I couldn’t.


Because this is what I would have missed.


And this because some of my other kids showed up to welcome the new baby into the world.  These little people are my life!


I knew I needed to get some relief quickly so I ran to my local Walmart before it got too bad to pick up everything I would need for my Excedrin® Migraine Exterminator Pack.  Do you have any idea what that is?  Probably not, since it is something I created myself to help me deal with migraines that can pop up at any time.  While I was at Walmart I also picked up Excedrin® Extra Strength because I never know when I might get just a plain old headache and because I usually start to feel relief in about 15 minutes.  When I finally got to my daughter’s house I didn’t want to have to spend time taking care of myself.  I had a baby to love and cuddle!

So you must be wondering what I put in my Excedrin® Migraine Exterminator Pack.  It isn’t complicated and it doesn’t take a lot but the items in this pack help me to deal with the symptoms and continue to function the way I want to.

  • Excedrin® Migraine – for the pain of course
  • Bottle of Water – because I need to keep hydrated and drinking lots of water helps alleviate the symptoms
  • Gel Ice Pack –  I have one that has a cloth cover with a velcro strap so that I can wrap it around my head to cover my eyes with it.
  • Crackers – to ease my stomach pains
  • Chocolate Bar – because chocolate always makes me feel better once my nausea has subsided!

I pack these items in a plastic bag for my carry on bag so that they are all together and ready for me to grab and go.  No matter what symptoms I have I can fend off the headache pain with all of these items.

There are a lot of migraine products on the market so you might be thinking, “Why does Becky depend on Excedrin® Migraine?”  When I start to get a migraine headache, I know exactly what it is.  There is no mistaking it for a regular headache so I know that it requires different treatment to “get it out of my head!”  Excedrin® Migraine gets relief to my symptoms, usually within 30 minutes and it is  the #1 Neurologist Recommended* over the counter medicine for migraines.  I want to be conscious and standing up right during this momentous days of my life and unlike some medications, Excedrin® Migraine helps me do that.


As with all medications, it is important for you to be diagnosed with migraines by a doctor before using Excedrin® Migraine.  You should also only Use As Directed by your physician.


The Excedrin® section was easy to find and it is always pretty well stocked – thank heavens!


When I turn down the pain relief aisle at my Walmart the Excedrin section is right in front of me.  Easy to find and plenty of product for me to stock up on.

To get additional information on these products and more, check out their social hub right here.  for Excedrin® products at Walmart. What are you not willing to miss out on because of a migraine headache?  I would love to hear your thoughts!

From Becky

*Among OTC medicine for migraines, Symphony Health Solutions, 2016




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  • Cristi Motto Comes

    So glad you didn’t miss out on that sweetie! Headaches are just the worst. {client}