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TELL A GRAM – Grocery Shopping Is My Workout

October 21, 2016

I don’t go to a gym to exercise.  It isn’t something I enjoy doing but I suppose most people don’t really like to exercise either.  Who wants to get all sweaty, sore and take precious time out of their day to make it to the gym?  Not me but I’m not really concerned about it because there is another activity that I do sometimes two or three times a week that helps me to get the exercise I need.  Going to the grocery store, friends.  It is a workout in itself.

Grocery Shopping Is My Workout1

Have you ever thought about the whole process of getting food into your home, prepared and on the table to feed your family?  I have been doing it all these years and never really thought about the huge chunk of my life that has been consumed by food acquisition, preparation and clean up and how much energy it takes out of me.

Can you believe that this is what you are doing every time you start the process of food preparation for your family:

  • Make a list of food you need by taking notes during the week as well as checking the shelves in your kitchen before you leave for the grocery store
  • Drive to the store
  • Park, grab a grocery cart and find your way to the first item you need to pick up – you might be getting tired already but don’t think about it now.  You have a lot of work to do.
  • Walk through the store carefully picking out each product you need by checking freshness, examining boxes and cans for dents and reaching for the products in the back to get the newest and freshest and place the items in your cart
  • When you have everything you need, walk to the front of the store and take everything out of the cart and put it on the conveyer belt
  • When the cashier is done, pay for your groceries – this is as painful as getting a cramp in your leg while doing burpees
  • Put all the bags back in your cart – you are definitely tired now but you aren’t home yet.  Keep going!
  • Walk the cart out to your car and load all your bags into the trunk of your car
  • Put the cart into the cart corral in the store parking lot
  • Drive home
  • Take all the bags out of your car and walk them into your house and put them in the kitchen
  • Take all your groceries out of the bags
  • Place each item in the proper place in your kitchen
  • Throw away or store your grocery bags – instead of cooking your first thought is to order a pizza.  You are too tired to cook.
  • When it is time to prepare your meals, pull the needed items off the shelf or out of the refrigerator or freezer and unpackage
  • Prepare your meal and while things are cooking set your table
  • When the food is ready put it on serving dishes and plates
  • You are finally ready to eat
  • When everyone is done eating, take all the dishes from your table to the kitchen  sink
  • Rinse off the dishes and load the dishwasher OR wash them by hand
  • Take a nap or go to bed.  You have worked HARD!

Now you are done.  Can you believe what a ta-da it all is?  A good way to make the most of this time and to help keep you from being exhausted is to have your family help you with all of this food prep.  Why should you be the only one getting any exercise around the house!

From Becky

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  • Kathleen – Bloggers Lifestyle

    Making systems for workflow can make the whole process go smoother with less stress, Very good ideas you have put together.

    • Becky

      I love to grocery shop, but then again I don’t! If the food would just appear in my kitchen, it would be so much easier!

  • Great ideas! We definitely get a work-out at our Walmart. Nothing is organized very well and you have to walk all over the place…so that counts, right! 🙂 Thank you for sharing this with us at the #HomeMattersParty

    • Becky

      Yes, I am thankful for the workout and I appreciate their selection. I just wish the store wasn’t so DARN big! Thanks for stopping by.