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Let Me Show You How It’s Done, Kiddos

October 3, 2016

One of the cool things about being a grandparent is that you get an opportunity to redo, undo or make right the things you messed up when you were raising their parents.  If I were a brave person I would ask my kiddos what they think I messed up or where I went wrong when I was raising them but because I am happy with our relationships the way they are right now, I’m going to keep my yapper shut.

Grandmother And Granddaughter Baking In Kitchen

It is enjoyable to spend time with your kiddos and teach them even the simplest thing.  It is also nice to see when the learn something from you or do something with you.  As a parent, it is easy to get overwhelmed and feel like you just can’t do it all yourself and sometimes we miss things.  So if you could do it all over again, what is the number one thing you would want to teach the kids?  Is there a task, a principal, a belief or a skill that will benefit them for the rest of their lives?  I have been thinking about this – a lot!

I reached out to some of my friends who are mothers and grandmothers to get their thoughts on what they are passionate about sharing with their children or grandchildren.  If they could only teach them one thing, what would it be?  The responses I got were simple yet important topics and I love every single one of them.

COOKING –  As a woman who never really learned to cook when I was younger, a skill that I really want to pass on to my children is how to cook.  Preferably I’d love to pass on my passion and LOVE for cooking and baking, but I’ll settle for them knowing how to do the basics in the kitchen, and do it safely. Cooking is so much more than just following a recipe… it utilizes problem solving, mathematics, improves dexterity, builds confidence and improves self-esteem. Plus, you get something yummy out of it! My daughter is just getting to the age where she wants to help some in the kitchen, and is old enough to be able to help me with things like rolling the meat into meatballs, whisking the eggs, stirring the sauce, etc. Even if they make a mess, it’s important to show them that it’s okay, it cleans up easily, and to keep trying. Some of my fondest memories of my childhood involved cooking with my great grandmother and I would be beyond happy if my daughter has similar memories of her and I cooking together!   Amanda Batcher @ The Chunky Chef

INTEGRITY – “Integrity, hands down. We feel like instilling a strong sense of integrity in to our kids will impact every other aspect of their lives. Knowing how to always do the right thing will help them try to understand others, and it has already helped to keep them more honest. It will help them be more compassionate, more empathetic, and more ethical. It’s also helped them learn to be more responsible, especially with things like helping out with chores around the house, because they understand that we all need to take good care of our home and that it is everyone’s responsibility, not just mine and my husband’s.”    Sarah @ Suddenly A Soccer Mom

KINDNESS – “With kindness comes manners to others, strength to stand up for those who cannot stand up for themselves, and thoughtfulness of others circumstances. I have always striven to be kind to others in words, physical deeds, and financially when I can. I have been so blessed through the years by being kind, and never in any way that I expected or looked for. I want my children to experience the blessing of being kind to others without looking for anything in recompence.”  Cara Schwab @ Fashionably Frugal

BE CALM – “It can be hard for kids but setting aside a short period of time each day to just be calm, still and thoughtful is incredibly beneficial to their physical as well as mental health.  It can be hard to turn off the cell phones, iPads, computer games and t.v.s but if we can encourage our children to be calm for about 30 minutes each day, they will find it easier to perform better in school and they will be able to deal with stress in a way that is beneficial to their health.  Our children are going to experience a wide variety of problems, struggles and disappointments in life so teaching them to deal with those situations is going to benefit them in the long run.  I wish I had been a more calm child!”  Becky @ Becky Has Been Blogging

What kinds of things do you want to make sure you share with your kids?  What is really important to you?  I would love to hear your thoughts!

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  • It has taken some cajoling and even bribery and now my children can both cook. funny thing is the boy cooks more and sometimes better than the gal!

    • Becky

      Doesn’t matter who cooks as long as you get a break every once in a while, Julie! Thanks for stopping by the blog.