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Baby Bottles That Have Stood the Test of Time

August 29, 2016

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What do you REALLY need for a new baby?  Let’s be honest.  A new baby does 3 things –  eat, sleep and produce messy diapers and for each of those things you have tools at your disposal to help take care of your little one.  There are lists all over the internet that tell you what you will need before you bring baby home but they are sometimes very lengthy and in order to fulfill those lists it usually requires a lot of money and time to get it all together.  Let me show you what you REALLY need!

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People will tell you that you need to have all these expensive and big things to take care of your baby but you really only need a few things and they really aren’t that expensive.  Well, except for the car seat, crib and a stroller if you need one.  If you are lucky, some of those larger items can be handed down from family and friends to save you a little money.

For the things that you need to purchase for your new baby, you should really be checking out Target because it is a one-stop shop for baby products and they are the #1 place for baby registries.  They have the best options and it just makes your shopping experience easier.  I have put together this neat little list that you can print out and take to the store with you.

This Is All Your Baby Needs!

Over the years products have changed and the tools that mom’s now use to take care of their babies are more advanced than before but I noticed in Target a product that has been updated while still having the same goal they have had for many years.   Playtex Baby™ Nurser® with Drop-Ins® Liners and Playtex Baby™ VentAire® bottles provide mom’s with a way to care for their newborn easier and in a way that fits their baby’s unique needs, just like they always have.  The difference in  the newer bottles is slight but enough to make them fully functional for today’s mom.  Before checking out the cool new bottles, take a look back at some of the first Playtex Nursers.


Here is my little Matthew back in 1983 and as you can see,  I was using Playtex Nursers for my sweetie pie who just so happened to love this bottle and so did I.  No air in his tummy and the bags were so easy to just slip in and out.


As Matthew got older he could hold  his own bottle and even  if he was sitting up, still no air in his tummy because the bags were collapsable.  Genius!


When our second son Alex came along  in 1986, Playtex Nursers were still a part of my layette or what new moms now call a baby registry.  I don’t think that he was happy that I stopped feeding him to take the picture!

So, what do the new bottles look like and what makes them so  great?  Let me show you!


Aren’t they cool?  Here I have the Playtex Nurser with Drop-Ins Liners (on the left) and the Playtex VentAire Advanced Wide Bottles (on the right) and they are both good examples of how Playtex has modified their bottles over the years to meet the needs of modern parents.


Playtex Nurser with Drop-Ins Liners are closer to breastfeeding and stimulate sucking, swallowing and breathing patterns similar to breastfeeding.


The new liners are easy to use because all you have to do is drop them into the bottle and you will be ready to fill them up.  The older version you had to stretch the bag over the top and it was a little harder but the new bags just slide right in.   The bags gently collapse just like the breast does as your baby drinks, preventing air from getting into the milk which usually causes bubbles in your baby’s tummy.  Nobody wants that!


The bag slips down into the bottle and the ridge on the top of the bag holds it in place while you fill it and then screw the nipple and ring on and you are ready to feed your baby.  The collapsing of the bag is also helpful in reducing colic.


This particular bottle also allows you to bend the bottle at the joint near the top so that you can hold the bottle at a better angle to prevent bubbles  in the tummy.  Here the bottle is standing straight up.


If you need to hold your baby in a different position, just snap the top of the bottle into the slanted position and you are ready to hold your baby in more of a sitting position to help keep those bubbles from forming that might upset your baby.  Plus, some babies just don’t like to lay down when they are awake so this bottle makes that possible.


The cap for the bottle snaps onto the bottom of the bottle so that you don’t loose it while feeding your baby.  When your baby is done eating, just snap the top back on top and place your bottle in your diaper bag or back in the refrigerator.


The nipple on the Playtex bottles have always been larger and most like mother so they make the switch between mama and bottle much easier for both mother and baby.


The angled design of the Playtex VentAire bottle helps prevent ear infections and promotes the semi-upright feeding position recommended by pediatricians to help prevent ear infections.


The unique anti-colic bottom vent helps prevent bubbles which means a happier tummy for baby.  The tiny anti-colic bottom vents keep air at the back of the bottle.  As baby feeds, virtually no air mixes with the milk and gets into your baby’s tummy.


A great way to save a little money on these bottles is with the Target  Cartwheel Offer .   This offer runs from August 21 – September 3 so hurry up and get over to your local Target and pick up your Playtex Nursers before the offer expires.


If you are interested in additional products by Playtex, check out their  product page right here and if you want to see all the new information and ideas Playtex has to offer, go right here.

You don’t have to be a new mom to pick up a supply of Playtex Nursers.  Stop by your local Target and get the Playtex Nursers you think will work best for your sister, friend or daughter.  She will love you for it!  Do you have any stories to tell about why you love Playtex Nursers for your babes?  I would love to hear them!

From Becky

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  • Cristi Motto Comes

    How cute, I love those photos! Your kids are adorable. I also used the nursers with my now almost 9 year old and I agree they’re so great. I love the new enhancements too. {client}

    • Becky

      I loved my Playtex Nursers when my kids were little and they are so much better now. How is that possible? Thanks for stopping by, Cristi.