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Smooth and Rocky Road Yogurt

August 16, 2016

You are going to be so glad that I wrote this post for Collective Bias, Inc. and it’s advertiser.  All opinions here are mine alone.  #SpreadTheHeat #CollectiveBias

There are two times during the year when after a long season or two of eating everything that is placed in front of me that I feel like I need to eat more wholesome, high fiber foods that don’t have any preservatives in them and that are low in calories.  On top of all that, I want my food to taste good and have a little crunch to it.  That isn’t too much to ask, is it?


I have a lot of recipes that I use on and off throughout the year and I like to change them up depending on the availability of ingredients I have on hand and the time I have to prepare them.  It is summer time so this girl is busy!  Also, any time I can make something that is appealing to everyone without heating up my already hot kitchen, I am happy.  One recipe that is super easy to throw together for breakfast, snack or for friends is my Smooth and Rocky Road Yogurt.


I have made this recipe for years but this summer I decided to try out a new product that I found at my local Walmart, Smucker’s Fruit and Honey Strawberry Jalapeno Fruit Spread.  This is a new spread that Smucker’s just came out with and it is going to rock all of your recipes and it just took this recipe of mine over the top because it not only gives it a different spin but it is also a “Better for You” option.  Why is it better for you?  Because it is naturally sweetened with honey with no sugar added.   There are several different flavors so make sure you try them all out!  And it gives yogurt a kick.  Yes, it gives it just enough punch to make plain old yogurt exciting!


One thing that you might find a little funny about this recipe is that there isn’t any chocolate in it but it is called Smooth & Rocky Road Yogurt because it is made with layers of creamy and rocky ingredients!  Creamy yogurt (the smooth), a layer of several types of chunky fruit (the rocky) that is mixed with your Smucker’s Fruit and Honey Strawberry Jalapeno Fruit Spread (more smooth) and then repeat topping it all with crumbled up WASA Multigrain Crispbread (more rocky).  So good!

WASA Crispbreads are a crunchy, wholesome ingredient that  I like to use in many recipes but it is particularly great in this dish because I get that great crunch but I am not getting a lot of calories with that crunch.  Here is what you need to do to create this delicious dish.  It is so easy and perfect for a quick treat when you don’t have much time.


You can use any type of dish you want but I have two different shapes that I like to use for single serving dishes.  These are so cute and make for great presentation.


I take one large spoonful of my Smucker’s spread and add it to about 2 Cups of Yogurt.  Now you can use plain yogurt, vanilla yogurt or any flavor you want but I like the fruit taste in the Smucker’s spread so I just use that as my flavoring.  I mix it well so that it is incorporated through every bit of my yogurt.  Believe me, one spoonful of this Smucker’s spread is going to put some zip in your yogurt.


I first take my glass and drop 2 large spoonfuls of my Smucker’s Spread yogurt into the bottom of my glass.  I then add a layer of fresh fruit.  You can use any fruit you like but I had some frozen mixed berries so I just used that.


I then did one more layer of everything and topped it with crumbled Wasa Crispbread.  Divine!

So when I start to feel like I should be eating a little better the first thing I do is to look for new things in the grocery store that I haven’t tried before.  There are always lots of new products and the packaging sometimes pulls me in but the most important part of that packaging is the ingredients listing.  Why?  Because when I am getting that hankering for more wholesome and lower calorie foods, I am really looking for a “Better for Me” option.


These Wasa Crispbreads are so good on top of this snack because it gives you that awesome crunch you want.  They just look wholesome, don’t they?!!  AND you can earn $0.05 back through Ibotta by clicking here.

Click right here if you want access to some additional great recipes using Smucker’s Fruit and Honey Spreads.  You can earn $1.00 off Smucker’s Fruit & Honey Fruit Spread by clicking right here.  Click away, friends!


Smucker’s makes a lot of delicious spreads so make sure you grab the correct jars.  You will find them right here where all the other great Smucker’s products are.  If you have kids you know exactly where this is in your local Walmart!


To get my wholesome crunch on top, make sure to pick up a package or two of wasa crackers as well because they are divine for eating so many different ways.  They are also found in a familiar mommy aisle – cookies and crackers!

So when you pick up your supply of Smucker’s Fruit & Honey Spreads, what are you going to make with them and how are you going to use them to not only spice up your recipes but also help you feel better about what you are eating?  Go!

From Becky

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  • My son just realized that he likes yogurt so this would be a great treat for him for breakfast or a snack. Thanks for the recipe! [client]

    • Becky

      Anytime we can get our kids to eat things that are more wholesome, we are winning!

  • Kathleen – Bloggers Lifestyle

    I gotta say it does look like a good yogurt snack.

    Bloggers Pit Stop

    • Becky

      It was delicious, and didn’t last long. ha!