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I Don’t Know About You But My Laundry Room Scares Me

April 5, 2016
I have been compensated by Collective Bias, Inc. and its advertiser to tell you about one of my favorite laundry products –  Wisk.  All opinions in this post are my own.  #Wisk60 #CollectiveBias


Sure.  It looks beautiful now but a few days ago, this laundry room was a mess and as much as I love doing laundry, I avoided that room in my house like the plague lingered behind the door.  It was so bad that I would take all the dirty clothes out of the laundry chute, throw it into the hallway outside the laundry room, shut the door, sort the laundry and then open the door back up to quickly throw things in the washer and dryer, turn them on and then leave the room, slamming the door behind me.  Not because I was mad but because I wanted to get the heck out of there.  What should have been a comfortable place for me to work at home was clearly the most unpleasant spot in the whole house.


Just look at it.  Would you want to spend more than 2 minutes in this room – even if you loved doing laundry like I do?   You would think that if I claimed it to be the thing I like to do most around the house that I would keep this area cleaner so that I would want to go in there.  Look at the clothes falling out of the laundry shoot and the pile that is building up on the floor in front of the dryer.

The only thing that makes me want to walk into that mess, other than my beautiful red washer and dryer is my Wisk Deep Clean® Original that contains a patented blend of Micro-Cleaners® that attack hidden body oils and sweat that can embed deep inside the fiber of my clothes. I love it because it cleans more than visible stains and can keep up with all the different types of dirt my family comes up with.  Bye the way, did you know that Wisk is turning 60 years old, is the best product for getting out Ring Around the Collar®, was the first liquid laundry detergent and still cleans with the same great formula as it did 60 years ago?  It is the best stuff so they haven’t changed a thing.

Normally people stack things on top of their washer and dryer but I don’t like to do that.  I agree that it is probably odd but I like to keep the outside of my washer and dryer as clean as the inside so I never put things on top of them.  It is so embarrassing and I cannot believe that I am posting these pictures but I need to let you see how bad it was before I show you how I made it so much better.  As you can see, the room is VERY small and I can barely get the door open without hitting the washer, much less turn around in there so I really can’t afford for this room to be disorganized.


This is the only spot in the room where I can stand away from the swinging door that leads into the room so it doesn’t help to have a gigantic trash can with brooms and mops in it which also caught a few socks over the years.  My old dryer released a lot of lint and I never had time to scrub my room down when I got my new machines a few years ago but there certainly wasn’t enough lint to need that big of a garbage can!  Needless to say, this room needed some major attention from me and I knew that I would need to completely empty it out, except the washer and dryer, scrub everything down, cover the shelves, get rid of the junk and put the items back that truly belong in the laundry room.  Why did I have all the old dish towels in my laundry room just falling out of the cabinet?  And who keeps all their cleaning supplies in their laundry room?  I suppose some people do but for the layout of my house, it really isn’t a good spot.  Off to the garage they go!


I’m sorry but gag.  I cant believe I let the lint build up in my laundry room so much that it looks like mold but I promise, it wiped right off with some wall cleaner.


The first thing I did was to pull everything off the shelves and get all the junk off the floor.  I wiped everything down well with an all purpose cleaner including the shelves, the walls and the baseboards.


These are all the items I gathered to organize the shelves in my laundry room.  I already had all of these items except the roll of shelf paper (matches the washer and dryer!) and the set of 3 little open bins which were about $4.65 so it was a fairly inexpensive job to do.  The rest of the items were things I already had around the house that I pulled together just in case I needed them.


I measured and cut the length of shelf liner I needed for each shelf but left the width in tact.  This way, if there is any spilling of any sort inside the cabinet, it won’t fall out behind my shelving and roll down the wall to the floor or washer and dryer.  I think it looks nice too and it certainly was easier to not have to measure the width as well to make it fit perfectly.


There were more than a few things that I had in my laundry room that really didn’t belong there so I knew that I was going to have a lot of room for the things I do need in this space not only for laundry jobs but also for other household necessities like air fresheners and light bulbs for the whole house.  My laundry room is located in a little hallway beside my kitchen and the door that goes out to my garage so I probably walk past this room at least 10 times a day.


Some of the containers that I was able to find were from my daughters room that are not being used anymore so as I was sorting through the items I was going to put back into the laundry room I put them into containers that would be size appropriate and then labeled them with my label maker.  This shelf houses air freshener refills, candles and other deodorizers.



I placed all my clothes drying items in another bin above where the laundry detergent is placed so that I can grab things easily.  Clothes pins and delicate bags are stored here so that I can quickly grab them for hanging up items that can’t be thrown in the dryer and pouches for putting socks and personal items in so that they don’t get beat up in the dryer.  I actually use the larger bags for socks and nylons because they keep all our socks together and I have found that I don’t lose as many strays that way.


Look how beautiful the left side of my cabinet looks.  On the bottom shelf I placed my Wisk Deep Clean® products and other laundry prep items,  so that they are easy to reach.   More about Wisk Deep Clean® and all the various formulas a little later!  The shelf just above that has my deodorizers on the left side and my dryer items are on the right.  On the top shelf I have extra measuring cups and towels that I use for laying clothing out to dry.


As I said before, my laundry room is in a central location so I like to keep my assortment of light bulbs that I need throughout the house in this room and since I have so many different sizes and types, they get their own shelf.


To keep my clothes from falling out of the laundry shoot as it fills up I decided to try something different by putting a trash can inside the shoot and then I shut the door.  I ran upstairs and dropped some clothes down to see what would happen because I wanted to test it and make sure that when items were put in there that the door wouldn’t pop open and everything violently fall on to the top of my dryer.  That would not make me happy.  To my surprise it worked like a charm and the clothes went right into the trash can.  Perfect!  I am in my laundry room checking what needs to be done every day so it doesn’t usually get too full.  Except for the picture above where I was trying to show you how messy it can get.  Wink Wink!

The lower shelf has my iron and ironing supplies in the basket, the second shelf holds all of my light bulbs and the top shelf holds the owners manuals for  my washer and dryer so that they are always close at hand.


I replaced the ginormous trash can in the corner with a very small waste basket that is perfect for lint and used dryer sheets.  This will also keep me from throwing things into this spot even though now that it is all cleaned up it seems like it is missing something, doesn’t it?  That would be all the JUNK that used to be there.  Now if I can just keep this spot clean there will always be room for me in this small space.


And this is the finished room.  My sweet little laundry sign sitting on my washing machine and my jar of fabric softener on top of my dryer.  This is now the perfect room for me to spend a little time while I enjoy doing my laundry.  Maybe I should ask my husband to rig up some sort of chair that folds down from the wall so that I can just sit there and watch my machines do their magic.  No, that is just a little too weird, even for me.


If you noticed above in my newly organized laundry room I have a nice stock of Wisk Deep Clean® laundry detergents.  I have used Wisk for years but I found out recently that they have more than just one formula to choose from. At my local Walmart I found Wisk Deep Clean® Original, Wisk Deep Clean® Oxi and Wisk Deep Clean® Fresh Breeze but other stores also carry a Wisk Deep Clean® High Efficiency formula, Wisk Deep Clean®Power Blasts, which are single dose pacs that contain just the right amount of super-concentrated detergent.  If you want Wisk Deep Clean® Free & Pure, you can order it through Amazon.  If you plan on purchasing your Wisk Deep Clean® product at a store, look for a coupon in your local paper on April 10th to save some money.  I picked up a few extra bottles so that I can try some of the other formulas of Wisk Deep Clean® because I am sure that I will find some additional benefits to using them as well.



I found my assortment in the laundry aisle of my Walmart.


Whether you love doing laundry like me or if you put it off for as long as you can, here are a few blog posts I have done over the years to help you find the best ways to get this important job done and just so you know, using Wisk Deep Clean® will certainly help you to have the cleanest and best kept clothes.

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So what are your tips on organizing a laundry room that has gotten out of control and what inexpensive ideas do you have to make it a place you would like to spend some time?  Check out the Wisk Deep Clean® web page to fine some great information on this product that has been going strong for 60 years.  Which Wisk Deep Clean® will you pick up next time you are at the store and how do you use it to keep your clothes clean and looking new?  

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